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Wenzhou Fukai Optical Technology Co. Ltd

Contact Us

Name: Dai Xian Chuan
Tel: +86-577-86004882-601
Fax: +86-577-86004887
Mobile: +86-18968839168,+86-18058859287
E-mail: wzfk002@wzfukai.com
E-mail: wzfk003@wzfukai.com
Add: No. 419-9 Xiajin Road Jinzhu Industrial Zone Ouhai Wenzhou Zhejiang China
Skype: jennyfukai
Skype: wzfukai
QQ: 1790589758
QQ: 2979984071
Skype: jennyfukai Skype: wzfukai QQ: 1790589758 QQ: 2979984071

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Established in 2003, Wenzhou Fukai Optical Technology Co.,Ltd , progressing steadily since inception, it has built up an unrivaled reputation in Optical Industrial and specializing in magnifiers and microscopes.

Our 5,500-square-meter factory is equipped with three advanced production lines that can produce up to 1200,000 pieces every month, wherein over 80 percent are exported worldwide, particularly to the US, Japan, Europe and Australia.

Our Business

We value our relationships with our business partners and employees. It is our belief that the relationships with our customers and suppliers should be mutually developed to attain long-term growth and benefits. We believe in the importance of team spirit and recognize that each employee contributes towards the success of the Company. We resolve to develop and to motivate our people to their full potential by providing opportunities for career growth along with the appropriate incentives and rewards. We are dedicated to supporting activities, which contribute to the well being of the society.



We are the leader in the region in supplying high quality magnifiers and microscope, and in providing outstanding customer service. It is our goal to gain customer satisfaction.

  • We capitalise on today's new trend in the global markets to sustain our leading position
  • We continuously invest in the research and development to enhance our reputation in the specific technology
  • We proactively liaise with our customers to meet and constantly strive to exceed their expectations
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